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Add items quickly while you shop

Instantly add items to your wishlists using our 620-702-1465 or Bookmarklet. Designed for speed and simplicity, Whimventory gets out of your way so you can get back to what you love most – discovering fansastic products.


Collect and share gift-giving ideas without ruining the surprise

Keep private and invite-only lists for sharing present ideas with others, and mark gifted items as purchased to prevent duplicate gifts – we’ll keep your gift secret until you’ve delivered the goods and cashed in the brownie points.


Perfect for registries, design projects, holiday gifts, and more...

Whimventory was made to do one thing – organize your online shopping. With features designed specifically for product comparison, gift-giving, and event registry, it’s the only online shopping tool you’ll ever need. Some call it “the universal wishlist.”