The Blue Roof Franchisee Association, a member association representing IHOP Franchisees, was formed in 2010 as an independent voice and support for IHOP franchisees,to promote the owners’ profitability and equity, and find new ways to leverage our strength.

BRFA Mission Statement: To represent IHOP Franchisees with the Franchisor, government and other entities, and employ our collective leverage to improve Franchisee profitability, restaurant operations and brand strength.

  1. Represent and advocate for the best interests of the franchise owners with the Franchisor. Influence brand strategy from our Franchise owners’ perspective. Respect, aid, empower the Franchisor.
  2. Pursue initiatives to improve profitability, operations, and the financial health and welfare of franchisees.
  3. Impact government affairs in the best interest of both small and large franchise business owners. Seek to join forces strategically with other franchisee groups and industry associations.

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BRFA Staff Members

  • John Jordan, Executive Director,    jjordan@brfa.net  |  720.504.8484
  • Jordan Bennett, jbennett@dci-kansascity.com | 913.387.5607

Board of Directors   734-234-8304


Recent News

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Dine Brands Inc. CEO Steve Joyce is on the lookout for a third restaurant brand to add to the current portfolio of Applebee’s and IHOP, and Joyce outlined some of the criteria he’d want in a third brand.

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Debbie Selinsky, Multi-Unit Franchisee Magazine

BRFA Annual Conference

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April 3 - 4, 2019
Paris Las Vegas
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Andy Pettise | Vice President

National Restaurant Division – Insurance Office of America

Tel: 510.759.1449



Charlie Page

Senior Vice President

Cell      404.550.7738   Office 770.274.2924



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